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Kiev Sundae Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Whipping Cream
 1 tsp  Raspberry Vodka
 1 scoop  Vanilla Ice Cream
 3/4 oz  White Creme de Cacao
 1 oz  Cinnamon Vodka
 3/4 oz  Irish Cream

Blend the Stoli cinnamon vodka, white creme de cacao, Bailey's irish cream and ice cream with cracke...

Wicked Tasty Treat Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Cinnamon Vodka
 1 oz  Amaretto
 1 oz  Cream
 1 oz  Irish Cream
 1 oz  Coffee Liqueur

Dip the rim of a cocktail glass in amaretto and then into powdered sugar. Shake all alcohol and crea...

Muscovy Martini Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Cinnamon Vodka
 1/2 oz  Orange Juice
 1 oz  Orange Vodka
 1/2 oz  Triple Sec

Pour the Stoli cinnamon vodka (Zinamon), Stoli orange vodka (Ohranj), triple sec and orange juice in...

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