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Affair Drink Recipe
 2 oz  Cranberry Juice
  Club Soda
 2 oz  Orange Juice
 2 oz  Strawberry Schnapps

Pour schnapps, orange juice, and cranberry juice over ice in a highball glass. Top with club soda an...

Strawberry Fetish Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
 1 1/2 oz  Strawberry Schnapps
 1/4 oz  Grenadine
 1 oz  Whipping Cream
 2 oz  Lemonade
 1 oz  Soda Water

Shake all ingredients (except lemonade and soda) and strain into a collins glass filled with broken ...

Banshee Berry Drink Recipe
 1 part  Strawberry Schnapps
 1 part  Creme de Cacao
 1 part  Creme de Bananes

Pour each of the three ingredients into a shot glass. Stir....

The Dragon Drink Recipe
 1 part  Cherry Kool Aid
 1 part  Vodka
 1 part  Strawberry Schnapps
 1 part  Orange Juice

Place all ingredients in a glass and mix....

Deja vu Drink Recipe
 1/3 oz  Orange Juice
 1/6 oz  Cranberry Juice
 1/4 oz  Absolut Mandarin Vodka
 1/2 oz  Peach Schnapps
 1/2 oz  Cruzan Mango Rum
 1/3 oz  Strawberry Schnapps
 3/4 oz  Amaretto Di Saronno
 3/4 oz  Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur

Shake over ice strain and serve in a shot glass...

Strawberry Ice Drink Recipe
 1 1/2 oz  Strawberry Vodka
 1 1/2 oz  Strawberry Schnapps
 1 1/2 oz  Cranberry Juice

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake and strain into a chilled cocktail glas...

Wild Berry Pop Tart Drink Recipe
 1 part  Vodka
 1 part  Strawberry Schnapps
 1 part  Wildberry Vodka

Add all ingredients into a shot glass, slam it on the table and shoot it, followed promptly with a b...

Strawberry Margarita Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Triple Sec
 1 oz  Strawberries
 1 oz  Lemon Juice
 1/2 oz  Strawberry Schnapps
 1 oz  Tequila
 2 oz  Salt

Rub rim of cocktail glass with lemon juice and dip rim in salt. Shake schnapps, tequila, triple sec,...

Strawberry Dream Drink Recipe
 3/4 oz  Dark Rum
 3 oz  Strawberries
 3/4 oz  Pineapple Juice
 3/4 oz  Cream
 2 scoops  Vanilla Ice Cream
 4 cubes  Ice
 3/4 oz  Strawberry Schnapps

Add all ingredients to a blender. Blend for 1 minute or until drink is smooth. Pour into glass and s...

Fire in the Disco Drink Recipe
 10 ml  Peach Schnapps
 10 ml  Vodka
 15 ml  Strawberry Schnapps
 10 ml  Cinnamon Schnapps
 15 ml  Apricot Schnapps
 1 splash  Egg

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and shake vigorously. Ensure the red curry paste is th...

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