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Truck Punch Drink Recipe
 1 fifth  Apple Schnapps
 2 liters  Squirt
 1/2 fifth  Cinnamon Schnapps
 1 liter  Bourbon

Give yourself a break, use ice....

Jack's Jam Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Peach Schnapps
 2 tbsp  Powdered Sugar
 1/2 oz  Apple Schnapps
 1 oz  Orange Juice
 1/4 oz  Banana Liqueur
 2 oz  Lemon Juice
 1/2 oz  Strawberry Liqueur

Combine ingredients with one cup of crushed ice in a blender. Blend until smooth, and pour into a pa...

Tree Smacker Drink Recipe
 1 splash  Vodka
 1 pint  Peach Schnapps
 1 pint  Rum
 1/2 cup  Orange Juice
 1/2 cup  Sweet and Sour Mix
 1 pint  Apple Schnapps
 1/2 cup  Pineapple Juice

Add liquors, then add juices. Color red with grenadine. Float the 151 proof rum....

Hot Apple Pie Shot Drink Recipe
 1 cup Red Bull
 1 splash Apple Schnapps
 1 splash Goldschlager
 1 splash Everclear

Add each ingredient except the red bull into a shot glass. (Bacardi 151 can be substituted for the E...

Apple Slammer Drink Recipe
 1 part  7 Up
 1 part  Apple Schnapps

Pour into a shot glass and present to consumer, they are expected to cover the top of the shotglass ...

The Bomb Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Peach Schnapps
 1/2 oz  Apple Schnapps
 1/2 oz  Pineapple Juice
 1/2 oz  Banana Liqueur
 1/2 oz  7 Up

Mix over ice in a shaker cup, strain and shoot....

Hot Apple Cider Drink Recipe
 1/4 oz Cinnamon Schnapps
 1/4 oz Apple Juice
 1/4 oz Apple Schnapps

Add even amounts of apple juice, cinnamon schnapps, and apple schnapps....

The Emily Weir Drink Recipe
 2 parts  Apple Schnapps
 4 parts  Lemonade
 1 part  Vodka
 1 part  Peach Schnapps

Whack the liquid ingredients in a glass and give it a stir, then add the ice....

Apple Slut Drink Recipe
 Fill to Top Sprite
 1 shot  Apple Schnapps
 1 shot  Citrus Vodka

Pour shots in glass and add Sprite to your taste....

Apple Colada Drink Recipe
 1 oz  Half and Half
 1 oz  Coconut Cream
 1 oz  Cherry
 2 oz  Apple Schnapps
 1 slice  Apple

Blend schnapps, cream of coconut, half-and-half, and 2 cups of crushed ice in an electric blender at...

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