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Raspberry Stupid Drink Recipe
 3 oz  Zima
 1 oz  Raspberry Schnapps

Mix well in a highball glass, and serve....

Joe Cassano Drink Recipe
 1/2 oz  Citrus Vodka
 1 oz  Zima
 1 1/2 oz  Lemonade
 1/2 oz  Gin
 1 oz  Vodka

Combine ingredients with 1 oz of crushed ice in a blender. Pour into a chilled cocktail glass, top w...

Lunar Landing Drink Recipe
 6 oz  Zima
 2 oz  Bacardi Limon Rum

Stir ingredients together well in a collins glass filled with ice cubes, and serve....

Zimartini Drink Recipe
 1 shot  Vodka
 1 bottle  Zima

Pour together over 2-3 ice cubes and serve....

Greazy Deigo Drink Recipe
 2 shots  Vodka
  Mango Kool Aid
 12 oz  Zima

Empty zima into a glass. Add the bacardi, followed by the kool-aid. Mix until a light froth is achie...

Zima Blaster Drink Recipe
 3 oz  Raspberry Liqueur

Fill glass with ice. Pour in Chambord, then fill with Zima. Mix and enjoy....

Nuclear Zima Drink Recipe
 3/4 oz  Grenadine
 6 oz  Zima
 3/4 oz  Vodka

Pour all ingredients into a highball glass 3/4 filled with ice cubes. Stir well, and serve....

Zimamazing Drink Recipe
 4 oz  Triple Sec
 1 bottle  Zima
 2 oz  Vodka
 2 oz  Tequila
 2 oz  Gin
 2 oz  Rum
 4 oz  Sweet and Sour Mix

Put the first six ingredients in a shaker glass without ice and shake until frothy. Fill glass with ...

Dudley's Damnation Drink Recipe
 1/2 gal  Vodka
 2 cans  Limeade
 6 liters  Sprite
 12 bottles  Zima

Take a good sized cooler, any with a drain plug will do, and pour in a 12 pack of Zima. Then pour in...

Zimadori Zinger Drink Recipe
 1 1/2 oz  Midori Melon Liqueur
 12 oz  Zima

Pour Zima in a collins glass over ice and then pour the shot of Midori - don't stir. Garnish with a ...


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